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As you grow, so will your business

You are in a key position, dealing with millions in operations, you are responsible for the careers and livelihoods of other people. You hold in your hands the full range of interests of your company, with a strong need for achievement and leadership and you feel a great sense of satisfaction when success is woven between your fingers. And yet, somewhere at the top, you sometimes feel a sense of loneliness.

You need to share and consult on the daily decisions you are required to make, both on a personal and business level. You have reached a point where you want more, strive for more and look for a way in which you can break through the barriers – real or perceived.  . You ask yourself: what is my next step? And how do I get there?

Many senior executives, like all human beings, sometimes fail in their path of achieving their goals in life for one simple reason - they do not take the first step because they simply do not know that the first step will lead them to a remarkable life - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Leverage your talent into managerial power


Is it possible to think big? Cross borders? Achieve the "impossible" and become powerful leaders and executives?

In one word: Yes!

That is exactly why I developed the RZP unique mentoring model for personal and managerial success. 

Using simple, easy, clear and proven strategies for success based on advising and mentoring to thousands of directors from various companies in a wide variety of industries, together we will build your path toward achieving your remarkable life and career.


your next step towards your remarkable life

In our journey together we will create your vision and working plan that suits your needs as a modern senior executive.

The working plan, based on your vision, will transform you from manager into leader, and from leader into fulfiling a  remarkable life full of meaning.

The program will turn your personal and managerial abilities into a leadership force.

Let's Awaken the extraordinary leader within you


It is not easy to be a business owner or a senior manager. Along with the great ambition and the constant desire to succeed, there is dealing with a feeling of severe loneliness. The famous "loneliness at the top".

As part of my work as a managerial and business mentor I have met many executives and business owners who wanted to lead, stand out in a special way and be significant executives.

I believe we all want and are willing to produce a strong, unique and clear impact, and I believe it is possible.
There is an orderly and structured way that can lead you and your business/organization to those significant and unique powerful places that you strive for.

In the dynamic and competitive business world, it's so important to stand out and have a unique voice over and over again - and it's not a simple challenge to do by yourself.


To help business owners and executives overcome this challenge I have developed this model that helps us pinpoint personal, managerial and business brand identity.

Dozens of business owners and managers already use the method, and enjoy the realization of personal and organizational potential, personal development and growth and the creation of a thriving and value-added organization/business.


I invite you to join me, and together we will pave your way to an outstanding business/organization - at every possible turn.

Now, what is your next step? Let's talk.

Please complete the form below and we will get back with all the details.

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