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Director Mentoring

As the founder of one of the first courses for training directors in Israel, I became closely familiar with all the topics - business, legal and professional.


I have trained and advised thousands of directors from various companies in a wide variety of industries.
With RZP Director Mentoring program, Boards Consulting, lectures and workshops - together, using our unique Mentoring model, we will take your organization and its performance to the next level.


The primary role of a Board of Directors is to work together as an efficient advisory board to the company and to create and maintain the company’s strategy. In order to meet their responsibility, Board members must apply excellent professionalism, among other things. 

  • Understanding the board members’ roles and duties

  • Deep knowledge of the company’s strategic plan

  • Understanding  the power triangle of the company including the balances of conflicts ( Board, CEO, Shareholder) 

  • Creating an efficient board meeting, as well as the decision-making  process 

  • Creating a professional director’s report which allows monitoring and control of the company’s performance.

Our experience with a variety of different board members in diverse industries gives us the expertise to create tools and methods that can leverage the board’s efficiency as a team, and each one of the directors as an individual.

Our knowledge and rich experience are your advantage.

Using our unique RZP mentoring model we can assist you, among other things, with:

  • Remarkable Presence: Analyzing and creating the best version of yourself.

  • Remarkable Strategy: Creating your specific goals and comprehensive work plan.

  • Remarkable Environment: Creating a winning constellation.

  • Remarkable Action: Nurturing and executing our plan for extraordinary goal achievement.

  • Remarkable Leadership: Through comprehensive multi-life mentoring integrating personal and professional life, manifesting leadership atmosphere.

  • Remarkable Mindset - Find your surf ™ : Ignite the passion within you and leverage your well-being. When you optimize your potential you maximize your performance. 

Now, what is your next step? Let's talk.

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