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My name is Revital Zohar-Pour

I am a competitive surfer - both in life and at sea...

In life, I am a CPA and a LLM graduate, with rich experience in a variety of senior managerial roles.
I serve as a director and external director with several public companies and provide lectures in training directors, risk management, accounting and tax law. 


As a businesswoman who is also a full-time mother and wife, I find myself struggling with the waves of life while trying to maintain equilibrium and staying vigilant to the positive aspects of life.
After many years of experience as a manager and an athlete (Proffetional Surfer), I have developed a unique mentoring method and model that combines a - Spirit- Mind - Body regimen with proven results - FIND YOURSURF
TM .

“I believe that each and every one of us has a real passion for life which is hidden beneath layers of daily routines...  Once in a while, one needs to refresh those layers and let the sunlight reach the surface and re-ignite their passion!”

Whether you are a senior executive, working toward a relocation process, a director or an organization leader, I invite you to come surf with me in a once in a lifetime journey. Together we will find your perfect wave and learn how to make it the ride of your life!

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